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Species Information: Black Tip Shark

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Species 101: BlackTip Shark (Carcharhinus limbatus)

Me personally I love Black tips in the Shark family just because they are beautiful. I’ve caught 3 blacks tips all like 2-3 ft big. Really not as big  as they get but they still give you a hell of a fight. 

Check Out this interesting video by Landshark If Sharks Eat Chicken? What do you think? I think they do... 

Where To Catch BlackTips?

Where I’ve seen and have caught black tips are in the Bay in the shallow water. I’ve noticed also smaller sharks are found in the bay more than big ones, seems like big ones are out in the beach shore lines. 

What You Can Use To Catch BlackTips?

You can use Mullets, Jacks, Blue runners, and Big Sardines. I’ve caught Black tips with Lady Fish, and Mullet. Also you can use Pinfish since its a real good fishing bait.

What Pound Line To Use For Black Tip Shark?

I would use 40Lb Mono leader and 40Lb Braid and Monofilament. just because I've seen Black Tips Jump out of the water. Also Remember they have sharp teeth to rip through flesh. 

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