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Species Information: Black Drum

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Species 101: Black Drum (Pogonias cromis)

The Black Drum Fish is a real weird Scary looking fish, when I first caught it I was scared to even touch it. Just Because it made that weird sound when you took it out the water. Black Drum is White Meat heard it also has a sweet flavor and close flavor to Red Snapper.

Where To Catch Black Drum?

Where I’ve Caught Black Drum is in brackish water ( Brackish water is saltwater and freshwater mixed together) in the mangroves and grassy water. Black Drum is also known to be caught close into shore not in the deep part of water. 

What Can You Use To Catch Black Drum?

You can use Shrimp, that’s all I know I can use because that’s all I’ve caught it with before. I’m sure you can use other baits like Crabs I think Blue Crabs.

What Line Can You Use To Catch Black Drum?

You can use from 20Lb mono to Above, maybe even less than 20 Lb but they do get big up to 110 Lbs so be careful. 

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