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Species Information: Barracuda

Author: Jianni Hitchman

Species 101 : Barracuda (Sphyraena)

Barracuda is known to be a fish to give a good fight when it comes to fishing. But do you really know what is best used to catch these fishes? Ima be honest and tell you I don’t know much, BUT I will tell you what I do know!

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Here's a picture of Team Ninja Sharkers Using the pink plastic to catch Shark Bait!

What Barracudas Go For?

Barracudas LOVE shiny stuff, so what I’ve gotten off Barracudas is using lure. The lure I used is the X-Rap Rápala lure, it’s a blue looking lure that blends with the water but it’s shiny with this lure I’ve caught over 4 Barracudas! Another trick I’ve seen is using a pink pipe that is just a long pink plastic and put a hook at the end and of it and just throw it in. I’ve seen crazy catches with that trick.

Where to catch Barracudas?

Cudas are known to be caught at shorelines and Flats. I’ve caught in the Flats but smaller ones, the bigger ones would be outside in the ocean. What you would do is just use a jig and wait till you hear your reel go off.

What pound line to use to catch Barracuda?

What I would use is 20Lb Monofilament or more, and 30-40Lb Of Mono Leader. You never know what you’ll hook on that Jig there’s a lot of fish out there!

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