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South Texas Silver

Author: Boca Chica Beach Legends

Tarpon Fishing In South Texas

South Texas Silver! 🍴#CaptCGuillen

When the wind is still, the moon absent from the night sky, and the waves roll softy, the Gulf always seems to send its most amazing creatures to the shorelines of the Texas coast.

As I glanced to the right and then to the left I could only see the light of headlamps shining in the distance as the guys walked towards the surf with their kayaks dragging behind them. Roli, Erick, and I began to paddle out into the dark where the waves rolled high but never crashed. After a few hundred yards Erick dropped the 1st bait, Roli paddled out about another 50 yds then dropped his, and I followed up with another 50 yds then dropped mine. We then paddled back and repeated the process another 3 to 4 more times.

As a dim red and grey crescent moon began to appear off in the distance, the first reel screamed and scattered the night silence, Roli was hooked on, then myself, followed by Erick. It was game on!!! I ran to my rod and removed it from its rod holder, proceeded to apply the max amount of pressure, and reel as quickly as possible to shorten the fight time and get an effortless release. As my fish approached the shore its fins broke the black surface of the water and it exposed its thick shoulders. It was a Bull shark! Sam, Joe, and I quickly tail roped it, measured it (7'0), tagged, removed the hook, took a photo, and then released her back into the gulf fast enough to a make a NASCAR pit crew proud!

We then ran towards Roli, as Erick's fish didn't appear to be coming in for pictures anytime soon. Roli and Erick were still hooked on but both of their fish showed no signs of giving up as they were still way out in the pitch black surf. Roli's fish then spit the hook and the line went slack, Roli in disbelief reeled in his line only to find his bait gone but his leader intact. Roli, Sam, Joe, and I then focused over to Erick and assisted him as his fish was approaching the 2nd gut of the surf. After scanning the surf with our headlamps we got our first glimpse of some Texas silver riding the wave. A beautiful 7' tarpon riding the waves and making a few more explosive jumps as our lights shined on it. We quickly beached it, removed the hook, and snapped some quick pictures before releasing her back into the surf. -Capt. C. Guillen #TeamBCBL #PuttingInWork #SouthPadreIslandTexas #GreatTimes #SilverKing #TexasChrome #Poon #SixFootSnookCustomRods

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Left to right: BCBL'S Sam Flores, Roel Pena, Charlie Guillen, and Erick Gracia

Photo by: BCBL'S Joe Gonzales

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