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So - You’re Off To The Amazon To Chase Peacocks…

Author: ScottRoseFishing

Fishing In The Amazon

What do you need to be successful in such an endeavor??

What Tackle Should You Bring For Fishing In The Amazon

A trip as big as a trip down to the Amazon requires quality preparation.  With that in mind, I put together a couple combinations for what you will need for your trip into the jungle.

Chopper Rod

The chopper is the most famous bait used down in the amazon.  It is a wooden topwater propeller bait that can be anywhere from 4 inches to 8 inches or more!  You need a stout rod to throw it as well as a short rod to properly work it.  I prefer a rod 6’ 6” or less, preferably even closer to 6’ to get that proper popping motion without having the rod tip hit the waters edge.

For reels, a 200 size reel is. totally fine but the more important part is the line and drag capacity.  65 Lb Bullbuster Braid here is a must - these fish will take you into structure before you even know what happened and light line will lead to instant break offs when using lock down drag.  

Multi Purpose Rod

This will be the rod you use for smaller top waters, subsurface baits and twitch baits.  I use this rod more than any other rod while fishing in the Amazon.  I have found that the big peacocks will hit a chopper so hard that they will launch the bait out of the water and tangle it up while airborne, screwing the retrieve and turning them off to the bait.  To fix this, a smaller lure such as a Zara spook or Rebel Jumping Minnow will get inhaled on the first strike.  I personally like fishing a longer rod here and a Medium - Medium Heavy rod in the 7 to 7’ 6” class will get it done.  Keep in mind that you will make tons of casts so you don’t want a rod that is overwhelmingly heavy to cast.  On the reels, 50 Lb Bullbuster braid is acceptable but I personally stick with 65 Lb again.  It is is more abrasion resistant for potential snags and does a great job of keeping big fish from popping off. 

Fly Rod

This is when you can make things fun and interesting!  Fly Rods can be matched for the plentiful butterfly peacocks, which get up to 6-7 pounds, or you can match the rod to the speckled peacocks which can surpass the 20 Lb mark.  I like being prepared for the big fish, so when he hits I am not overmatched.  I will throw a 10 or 11 Wt rod out there with floating line and 40 Lb leader.  Mono vs. Fluorocarbon is not too big of an issue out there - it mainly just depends if you want your fly to sink a little bit or not.  If you do, use the Fluorocarbon.

Backing is important as these fish can easily clear past your fly line.  I would recommend a minimum of 30 Lb Bullbuster braided backing for your fly reel when targeting these big Amazon peacocks.  Fly choices can vary but simple clouser patterns are a gold standard out there!

That about takes care of everything you will need to know from a gear perspective!  If you want to come along with me on one of these Amazon Peacock bass trips, just contact me at scottsfishtails@gmail.com or through my website at www.peacockadventures.com

Tight Lines,

Capt. Scott

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