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Snook Season

Author: Logan Bergamo

2020 Florida Atlantic Snook Seasons Started February 1st

Grab some popcorn and seat back and relax because it’s story time. Snook season of 2020 started February 1st of course I went out to try to do what everyone else does and catch a slot snook all day I caught overs and under slots by 1/4 of an inch. So I started to give up hopes so I called a good friend and asked what he was doing and he said testing out my new rods. I said sweet where you at I’ll come and hang out. So headed over to where he was I got down there and he was using one of his new rods. Then we got talking and he said go ahead try that one out I haven’t used it yet.. So I go grab it from his cart threw out an plug and drifted it out first cast I hook up and i was fighting thinking ah this could be my slot and sure enough it was slot 32 inches on the dot. I told him I like your new rod he laughed. So fast forward to 2/2/2020 I went out caught bait and fished for about 2 and half hours before hooking up and in my head I was like there’s no way it looked small. I got it up on to the jetty and sure enough it was 28 inches on the dot. My goal is to catch 30 slots in 2020

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