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Snook Season

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Gulf Coast Of Florida Snook Season

Important Info For Florida Gulf Coast Snook Season

Its snook season for the gulf coast.  Our Spring harvest runs from March first and closes on May 1st.  Slot size for this coast of florida is 28-33 inches.  One per person per day.  If you enjoy a fresh meal or you are just in it for some catch and release action.  Snook are a inshore favorite in Florida.  These fish are tenacious fighters known to break an angler off in the nearest structure. 

How To Catch Em

The bite on the Gulf coast has been great this spring.  The snook are loving our mild winter and warm water temperatures.  Bait of choice on the grass flats are thread fins or pinfish on a circle hook.  

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Help Conserve Snook For The Future

Guests on charters are enjoying the bite.  Dustin, from South Dakota caught his very first while fishing earlier this week.  He decided to tag his catch instead of bringing it home for dinner.  Gray Fishtag Wants to know about your snook recapture.  Dead or alive, and even offers a reward if you report it with a photo! 

When Does Gulf Coast Snook Season Open?

Tackle Tips For Gulf Coast Snook

Tackle depends on fishing locations. Fishing the flats with no obstacles or structure, anglers can catch them on light tackle.  That is a FUN fight.   I use 3000 series reels filled with 20lb braid to a 20-30lb  fluorocarbon leader.

If you are fishing bridges and structure, heavier tackle could help you land a monster.  When I am bridge fishing, I up the tackle to a 6000 series reel, and 50lb main line to 60lb leader.  Hook size is a circle hook 6/0 or 7/0.   This allows for extra power for the angler to pull the fish away from structure, successfully bringing the fish to the surface.  No matter what the species, Bullbuster line and leader have always led me to have a successful catch rate. 

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