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Snook By The Hundreds

Author: Chase Smith

Snook Jackpot Spot!

 I went out the other night for a while with a buddy to see if we could get our hands on some big snook.  When we got to the spot there were hundreds of snook stacked in the shadow line and they were eating just about everything you threw at them. I had my Cabo 50 filled with 20 pound Bullbuster Braid on a 7 foot six Saint Croix avid inshore series Rod ready to go with a black flair hawk. It was quite entertaining just dropping the bait in front of their faces and watching them immediately slam it!  Unfortunately we did not manage to catch any snook over the 35 inch mark, however we did catch a ton of in slot and under slot fish. We find that whenever the moon is full and it is clear skies you'll find hundreds if not thousands of snook sitting in the passes waiting for bait fish to swim through.  We are headed back out this coming weekend for more action and will hopefully get some monsters. 

Snook Fishing from Bridge

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