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Slaying Snook With Barbie Rods!

Author: Bullbuster Team

Catching Snook With Barbie Rods

Slap some braid on a Barbie rod and you've got a fish slaying machine.  Or at least thats  what South Florida anglers Bobby Backlash (AKA Team Googan) and Alex Wexler have been doing this season. Check out the video below of them slaying snook with Barbie and Spidey rods in the surf!  

Snook On A Barbie Rod
Barbie got the job done on this mullet run snook!

Tarpon On Barbie Rod
Bobby Backlash pulled out the Cpt. America rod on this tarpon!

Snook Fishing With Barbie Rods

Snook Fishing With Barbie Rods
Alex Wexler hooked up to a nice snook on the barbie rod. Bobby Backlash (as cameraman)

Bobby let us know in a personal interview that he has also landed a few nice poons this season on the spidey set up. 

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