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Silver King Bite In Miami Is Hot

Author: Albert Acosta

October Tarpon Fishing In Miami   

"BOOM! A hungry tarpon enhaled the shrimp and made a lightning run towards the pillings"

    Night Silver King

Miami Poon on Bullbuster

Silver King. Thats all you have to say and fisherman from everywhere will know what you are talking about. Its one of the most sought after gamefish in the world...and Florida is infested with these hard fighting acrobatic fish. Once you catch a Silver King you will be hooked and seek this fish whenever you get the chance. So recently after checking the weather,tides and moon phase I selected a night I thought would be a productive night to track down these fish. The night we picked was perfect, we would fish the incoming tide late in the day as sun was going down and then the outgoing tide late at night with a rising full moon. The tides were strong and the water was ripping....that meant the baitfish would be there as well as the tarpon. I called good friend Mike and told him to get ready for some action. Mike had the Silver King on his bucket list and wanted to land one bad so we were pumped to fish! We stopped and loaded up on bait...live shrimp and crabs. We loaded up the boat and prepared the rods and reels. We were using 30 and 50 lb Bullbuster Braid and 60Lb Bullbuster Fluorocarbon with a small thin wire 2/0 Circle hook. 

Bullbuster Getting Ready!
Bullbuster Fluorocarbon and Braid Ready!

We loaded the boat and headed to the spot where we thought the tarpon would be and positioned the boat with the incoming tide near a bridge. The sun was almost set and we were deploying the baits. Freeline shrimp on the small circle hook in the current and small jig heads with shrimp to see what they wanted to eat. No hits for the first 45min to an hour. But once night fell and the moon came out the action started to heat up. As I was free lining the shrimp near the shadow line of the bridge light we could hear and see tarpon hitting baitfish pods hard! The poons were not messing around they were starting to feed and we hoped they would find our stealthy baits. Soon I could here the tarpon getting closer and then I felt my line start to zoom through the water ...I was on but when I went to set hook the poon escaped! I was so upset but we kept positive, we would get more action. I kept my bait near the shadow line and then the magic happened....BOOM! A hungry tarpon enhaled the shrimp and made a lightning run towards the pillings of the bridge I knew I was in trouble if I didnt stop this run and turn the fish away from the bridge. I tightened the drag and palmed the spool in a frantic effort to turn the fish in the direction that I wanted....I got lucky this poon turned and the fight was on. The fish made some nice jumps and runs and in a few hard fighting minutes we landed the first poon of the night. It was a battle and the Bullbuster 60lb flourocarbon held strong.

First Poon of Night
Miami Silver King

You have to use strong leader if you want any chance of landing tarpon they have razor sharp gill plates that will cut you off in a second and their jumps and spins will punish your leader as well. We kept throwing shrimp freeline into the current and it didnt take long for another hungry poon to find it.....another hard run and some jumps and I had my second poon...smaller than the first one but a tarpon is a tarpon! 

Poon #2
Silver King

The night was going great and Mike noticed some baitfish near the back of the boat, we thought they were mullet but they were scared ballyhoo. I grabbed the cast net and after a few casts we had the magic.....the bait the bigger poons were feasting on. We loaded up the livewell with the ballyhoo and repositioned the boat now for the outgoing tide...this is my favorite tide to fish for big poons. Mike was looking for his first poon and we weren't leaving until it happened. We grabbed one of the freshly caught ballyhoos and put him freeline on small circle hook behind the boat on the edge of the bridge shadowline. Before you know it we could see other ballyhoo swimming close to Mike's bait getting walloped...it was a matter of seconds before his dream would come to fruition...then it happened...KABOOM..a vicious hit near the boat and Mike was on to his first tarpon...and it was a beast. A hard run under the bridge with incredible jumps but Mike held and turned the poon away from the bridge towards the boat. The tarpon made some hard runs and jumps in a frantic effort to dislodge the hook from its mouth....then heartbreak the poon made one last fantastic jump and the hook came flying back towards us in defeat. Mike was crushed....the poon was close to 80lbs...but we grabbed another bait and said next one is coming to the boat. Mike had on another hoo and it was not long before he heard the splash and vicious gulp of a tarpon pounding the helpless bait. Mike was on to another nice poon and fought the fish hard. The tarpon ran hard and jumped several times trying to escape but Mike got him next to the boat. Mike had his first Silver King! After touching and holding his first poon he was in awe of their gleaming beauty and power...we took some pictures and set the poon free. 

Mike's First Silver King
First Poon

Now Mike wanted another one! Another bait in the water and in a few minutes another nice poon! Mike was punishing the poons! After another hard fight the tired poon was landed after putting on a great show for us.

2nd Poon
New Poon Slayer

The night was a success me Mike caught his first Silver King and was now a poon slayer. We had a great night 4 for 6 on poons and some nice size ones. We couldnt have asked for a better result. Catch my next article on increasing your chances of catching more tarpon. Remember spend more time fishing and order your fishing lines @ Bullbuster.net. Fast delivery and great products. Strong braid lines and tough fluorocarbon. These lines no doubt helped us catch these fish, and the pressure these fish put on your tackle is no joke. Hoped you enjoyed my article and it helps you catch more fish. Take care and get out and fish!

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