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Sick Drone Footage Of Center Console Boats

Author: Bullbuster Team

Insane Drone Footage Of Center Console Boats

Bay Boat With Tower

The Bullbuster Team recently had the pleasure of test driving the 270Z Sea Vee Bay Boat and participating in a video shoot for this awesome bay boat. We met the truly inspiration team of Offerdale Chapman Yacht Brokers and we figured you needed to see some of the insane footage they have been capturing recently.  We don't blame you if you watch these videos like 10 times a piece (We did). 

If these videos don't get you pumped up to get out on the water, we aren't sure what will.    

We had never been on a  boat shoot before, and it was sick to watch Drew (Drone Pilot Extraordinaire) fly his drone at 40 mph within 2 feet of the water.  It was nerve wrecking to say the least, but these guys take chances to get the best shots and it reflects in their work. 

You have probably already seen the insane video above a few times, since it has exploded all over the internet, but in it you get to get a glimpse of partner Steve Chapman's home turf in Key West. 

Keep an eye out for these guys!

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