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Shark-A-Thon: 3rd Place Redfish!

Author: Christopher Meza

Shark-A-Thon Fishing Report

Another great weekend of fishing with some of the Fin Addict crew and of course with a fellow ambassador Lalo. Shark-A-thon was an event I have not attended until this year and I got to say it was worth every penny spent to prepare for this tournament. Fishing was great overall with an abundance of small shark in the range 25in to 36in being caught by everyone at our camp. 

Blacktip Shark
Lalo with one of his sharks caught

I myself could not seem to catch any small sharks the entire weekend. Without catching any fish on Friday I went and made some new leaders for the next morning. The leaders I made consisted of Bullbuster swivels, grander leader material, and 25lb mono fishing line my avet sx mc to keep me fishing!

Next morning was a fresh start and hoping to land at least one red fish was the only thing on my mind.  Don’t remember the exact time we got up but it was 8am or so and Lalo was out walking the surf looking for some bigger mullet for bait while I was retying my leaders to my main line. He caught one and cut up the mullet and took his pieces and left the best piece behind on the sand, MULLET HEAD! I walked out with some fresh mullet head and casted into the second gut and walked back waiting for my clicker to go off. Lalo’s rod went off and i was trying to call him to get his rod but his brother started to reel in his rod and then my drag went off and i walked over and engaged the drag and started to reel in and I knew I had a fish on. I love using Bullbuster 25lb mono and while I was fighting the fish and hoping to get a glimpse of what it was I though it was a small shark and a little disappointed but Lalo said no it’s a red and went and bear hugged the bull red and brought him up to me.  

Redfish Caught On The Beach

Landed my Personal best redfish and without knowing till Sunday afternoon it was good enough to take third place!

I can’t forget to mention how good we ate this past weekend on the surf. We had menudo for breakfast in the morning made by Cynthia, which was very good then some fall off the bone ribs by Oscar and Mr. Soto with the top notch cooking as well.


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