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Sharkathon 2017​

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Fishing Padre Island For Sharkathon 2017

The weather was fabulous and the water was clear blue, well here in South Texas, it was as blue and clear as it could be and all we could think about is getting lines in the water and baits soaking.

As we pull into registration at 9:00am on Friday morning, October 13th. All that is running threw our heads is Friday the 13th, nah, we just want to get our packages and head over to the beach. As we proceed on getting everything we need before heading down the beach 15miles, we make sure we have gas food and drinks before the trips proceeds.

With a little restroom break and bait on ice we continue with our journey and finally hit the sand and drive for anther hour and a half down Padre Island National Seashore in Padre Island. As we are driving, me and fellow Bullbuster ambassador Chris Meza are making a game plan so we can catch the biggest and baddest fish in all the ocean, so that’s the plan anyways.

As we reach our destination of mile marker 15 to our family and friends. The guys already have spots saved and camp setup. So after a quick little breakfast we then anxiously get lines and leaders ready to soak and that’s exactly what we do.

While walking out to finally cast the first bait, I reach the 2nd sand bar and cast out about 60 yards and wait it the surf weight hooks in the sand and walk back. Half way back to my rod holder, I hear the best and loudest clicker that ever fishermen wants to hear, drag screaming and all I can think is “hell yeah its going to be a damn good day of fish”. I then turn around and set the hook and proceed to fishing this beast of a fish, not knowing what is on the other end of the line, just hoping that is a monster bull red so I can be on the board for the tournament. Later realizing that the fish that is on the other end of my line is a 3ft black tip shark, now to me this is cool because sharks are still a good fighting fish but not exactly what I am looking for. So then, we go back and set baits and have 6 rods in the water and waiting and all day ad night all; that is being caught are black tips of all sizes.

So we come to terms that we will just try even hard the next morning and day. the following day we set back up and start getting lines in the water and I figured we needed fresh bait, so I go and catch some fresh horse mullet and as I am walking back with bait. I cut the head off the mullet and throw in on the floor and Ambassador Chris Meza picks it up and puts it on his hooks and lets just say he slays a 39 ¾ inch red to win 3rd place in the redfish division and I am proud to be teammates with him, can’t wait to for next year. 

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