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Shark Week Shark Fishing

As we all know this past week was Shark Week. Personally one of my favorite weeks since childhood. So it was a must that the team hit the sand, and drop some baits in honor of Shark Week. It was Friday night we had fresh bait, the wind, weather, and tide looking mint. We were super stoked that we were on the beach. 

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Eagerly stringing up our rods and setting up camp before sunrise, as usual. It was a calm morning bait could be seen everywhere flickering upon the mirror like surface of the ocean. The morning was cool with
a slight chill in the air which to us Northern shark fisherman is a depressing reminder that summer is slowly unwinding and fall is already poking its foot in the door. And that in the weeks to come the Sharks would begin their migration South in search of warmer water temps.

Far out of our reach until the following spring, so we wasted little time in getting several baits out. One of our  teammates Britni began catching Whiting in the first trough on Fish Bites to cut up for casted baitTeammate Ellisa's bait sat about 300 yards out and she was the first to hook up on the 9/0. She was super stoked to be bowed up on this fish, as it was two weeks since our last shark fishing excursion. The fight was fast, the shark brought it straight in, with a few reminding head shakes. It ended up being a beautiful 7 foot male sand tiger shark that had fallen victim to a chunk of mahi-mahi. The fight was epic and the release was smooth!

Teammate Fishing for Sanity had ran out a small Mahi carcass on his Surf gear and dropped it at about 150 yards a short drop as we call it. It wasn't long until his Stella loaded with 50 lb Bullbuster braid was clicking away. He quickly grab the rod, tighten the drag, and swung into this fish. We soon realized it was a big shark as it was peeling line off my spool at will. Some curious beachgoers there for the sunrise had noticed the commotion of Fishing for Sanity bowed up and began to spectate. He got the shark into where the breakers began and he ran up and down the beach left and right several times before finally coming in. It was a massive 9-foot female sand tiger the biggest of the season on spinning gear. We quickly de-hooked her, tagged her, and released her. The onlooker is clapped and cheered us on, exclaiming how it "was the best shark week they had ever experienced."

After this we wrapped things up and it was off to the Isle of Wight to harvest some cownose rays, we will be using as bait in our upcoming North Carolina trips in September. Teammate Ellisa was the first to hook into a large 40 lb cownose Ray which we lugged to the truck and put in the cooler. Soon after that we all decided we were beat as it was late afternoon and we hadn't eaten all day. So we called it a wrap and headed to Bull on the Beach for crab cakes.

and smoked beef brisket. All in all it was a great successful trip the sharks are still very active so get yourself some Bullbuster line, spool up, and get out there and spend more time fishing! Yewww

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