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Shark Fishing Report February

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

February Landbased Shark Fishing In Florida

Where do we Begin!

Land Based Shark Fishing is something that I have an unparalleled passion for and always have. The thrill of interacting one on one with giant sharks, risking life and limb, and the adrenaline rush you receive is something you cannot explain! The video below is from my first Beach Shark Fishing trip of the year. 

We got to the beach an hour before sunset. The area we were fishing is known to hold Giant hammerheads that feed on migrating Blacktip sharks, during their annual migration. We immediately started to get runs on our shark rods within 30 min of baits being in the water. The bait of choice for the night were the Jacks we froze for shark bait, from our recent trip to the Palm Beach Jetties. 

My good friend Mitchell Brown hooked up to the first shark of the night a feisty 8ft range greater hammerhead shark. We fought the shark in less than 10 min and one thing I really CANNOT STRESS enough is the fact we left the shark in the water the entire time, from the time we hooked it to release. Hammerheads are especially susceptible to death after long fights and being dragged onto dry sand. Dragging them onto dry sand is actually illegal and you can get a fine from the FWC as they are an endangered and protected species. Any protected species in the state of Florida must immediately be returned to the water and removing it from the water shows intent to harvest the animal.

My friend Mitchell is a wild one and he removed the hook from the shark bare handed! Something I strongly advise against and would not encourage any fishermen to do. He is experienced, but it is still a very dangerous situation. The best case scenario when it comes to releasing hammerheads, is to cut the wire or leader as close to the hook as possible. Fish and sharks especially are known to survive with hooks left in them. The hook will eventually either rust out or be rejected by the animal over time. The  time trying to remove a hook, can actually cause more damage than good. 

We had a great first shark trip of the year and ended up hooking numerous blacktip sharks on the surf rod. 

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