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Shark Fishing 2019

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

2019 Shark Fishing Recap

Delaware Shark Fishing Report
The mean grin on a sand tiger shark.

The previous weekend we had hit the inlets targeting the migratory Bluefish as they feed up on their journey northward. Which was a success. We caught many but most were released, some were stuck in the freezer for shark bait for the next weekend. June here in the Northeast is when the Blue Fish and the cownose rays show up. The sharks, hot on their tails. With teammates and friends catching sand bars and sand tigers in the surf we knew they were here. We headed out Friday night with a cooler full of bait. Arriving at the coastline we pulled into a Walmart parking lot for a few hours of sleep. The alarm set for 3:30 a.m. after a quick stop for red bulls and coffee we were on the beach before sun up preparing for a first bait drop, wetsuits would be necessary. We were blessed with calm surf and decent seas that would pick up throughout the day. Making three drops, two large Blue Fish, and a smaller set up with a few bunker. The overcast foggy morning skies would hide the beautiful sunrise as we all awaited shivering. We got our first run on the new purple Avet, freshly spooled with 100 pound bullbuster braid and a top shot of yellow 100 lb bullbuster mono.

Teammate fishing for sanity stepped up to the plate and took a swing on the fish setting the hook deeply in its toothy mouth. He could tell it was a decent shark by the weight of it after the initial freak out and a few good head shakes. It became one of those rare situations where the shark runs directly in at you the whole time and you are stuck racing to picking up slack. After getting him into the surf and having the leader in hand teammate one moore cast had seen the visual of the tail and called out "it's a good one". 

Check out this close call with a landbased sand tiger: 

We got the sharks tail roped and dragged it into a manageable depth of water and proceeded to remove the hook, snap a quick pic, and tag the shark which turned out to be a large pregnant female we named Lola. The team was super stoked to be on the board for the 2019 fishing season with a large 8 foot female sand tiger. After releasing her we watched her majestically swim into the surf for a moment before disappearing back into the dark murky depths. After briefly basking in the glory of the catch and a few quick fist bumps we were running more baits out.

2019 Shark Fishing Recap Video

Unfortunately the rest of this shark fishing session would be uneventful except for one run on one of the surf rods it was a good-sized stingray but it managed to shake the hook. By this time beach patrons and swimmers that we call shubie's began to fill the beach so it was time for us to call it. Right on cue the fog had lifted and the sun was blazing. We loaded the kayak and drug the heavy gear through the desert heat in the blistering sun all the way back to the car bragging on our awesome catch, We ended up hitting a freshwater bass pond on the way out and tearing up the bass on our way to the inlet where we were would catch rockfish. It was an epic day, one for the books we would all agree and as we were enjoying milkshakes watching the sunset over the boardwalk.

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