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SECRET Bait Produces STUD Snapper

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Using Bonita Strips For Bait Can Have Excellent Results

Anybody who watches my videos, has seen me talk about the "Meat Missile" What is a meat missile you ask? Well we need to take a trip down memory lane. Back in June my good buddy Michael Khashman invited me to do do some snapper fishing in Islamorada, FL. He had been on a Epic mutton snapper bite, catching multiple fish over 10lbs. His secret you ask? It's all about the bait! This is the budyy that is constantly thinking outside the box and changing the game. 

Bonita For Bait
Trolling in the morning with small lures offshore South Florida can often provide you with enough bait for an afternoon of bottom fishing.

Let's break down the meat missile and why its so effective. Any fish can be turned into a meat missile really. Bonito (False Albacore) , mackerel, and smaller amberjack work very well. You need to essentially fillet the sides of your bait. Then carefully make long strips about 2in thick, 2in wide and 1-2ft long. Making sure they are hydrodynamic is crucial to the presentation of the bait! No predatory fish can resist a fresh meat missile. It has a great presentation, offers plenty of meat and the fresh juices get the fish going. 

Viktor hooks on a nice bonita strip to send down to the bottom.

To really see it in all its glory, you need watch the video. 

Now that you have the background info on the meat missile, you know how we managed to catch a giant yellowtail snapper during broad daylight, something that is hardly ever of. Its super rare to catch one this size at night let alone during the middle of the day! Bullbuster 30lb fluorocarbon was used as leader for this weary yellowtail snapper. 

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