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Scientists & Shark Fishermen Work Together To Come Up With Solutions

Author: Bullbuster Team

Shark Fishing Community Should Be Ready To Work  Together With Conservationists On Issues That Are Reasonable. 

If you have been following the sport of landbased shark fishing for some time you may know that there has been an almost constant battle between both shark fishermen and conservationists. 

Extreme sides in our landbased shark community have killed sharks that they wouldn't usually kill to make a point and garner attention to themselves, on the flip side some conservationists have attacked the character of anglers and spread down right dumb rumors such as suggesting that shark fishermen "actively use cats and dogs as bait".  

A recent article on written by Shark Conservationist David Shiffman has actually made an attempt to find some middle ground that is in the interest of everyone, shark fishermen and conservationists. This interest is to have more sharks in the ocean period. 

Unlike fish like Mahi Mahi who grow at 6 inches per year and reproduce like rats, sharks grow slowly and can live more than 5 years replacing themselves by having babies. 

As the sport of landbased shark fishing grows, the landbased shark fishing community has an increasing responsibility to protect the resource that gives us so much to live for.  That adrenaline rush, that time you spent with your son or daughter, the comradery of your shark fishing team, the sport that kept you out of trouble as a youth. 

Yea the article isn't perfect, but it does make a damn good start at getting some things done and it deserves credit for that. 

Three Reasonable Action Items For Shark Fishermen: 

1) Fish Heavier Tackle, Shorter Fights = Better Releases

2) Use Circle Hooks - Gut Hooked Sharks Means Dead Sharks

3) Shark Fishing Licenses

* Before agreeing to this, local shark fishermen should have a say where the money from the sale of this license goes to. :


1) Ideas for using the funds include initiatives to make sure that out of town sharkers are taking care of beaches that they visit. 

2) Workshops for shark fishermen

3) Funding for tagging programs where shark fishermen are involved with the process

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