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Charter To Catch Big Goliath Grouper In Sanibel


On a recent Deep Sea Fishing Charter, Offshore of Sanibel and Captiva Islands,  my clients had the unusual experience of catching two large Goliath Groupers at the same time. I normally encounter large Tiger Sharks and Goliath Grouper in about 90 feet of water, they can be caught year round but warmer water temperatures usually lead to faster time to hook up. I run "Sanibel Offshore Fishing Charters" www.sanibeloffshore.com and Goliath Grouper and Tiger Sharks are a specialty of mine during the Summer.

Normally I only set up one large rod and reel at a time when targeting Goliath or Tiger Sharks, but I have been enjoying the challenge of catching multiple fish at once. I had two Penn International 80 VSW reels spooled up with 80 pound Bullbuster monofilament and was using live Stingrays as bait, intending to catch Tiger Sharks. It didn't take long after setting both lines and we were double hooked up! 

The 80 pound monofilament did its job well and we were able to land both fish in about twenty minutes from start to finish. 80 pound monofilament is a little on the light side for typical Goliath Grouper Fishing Charters but it is perfect for the longer more horizontal fighting Tiger Sharks. 80 VSW size reels have a really good capacity and I think I will put 125-150 pound monofilament on my next re-spool for some added abrasion resistance. Goliath Grouper fishing is at it's best during the warmest days of Summer, and it is normal to catch two to six Goliath Grouper per trip. Extensive photos of my catches are on Instagram @sanibeloffshore and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sanibeloffsho...

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