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Sand Tiger In Delaware

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Morning Tide Gets The Bite

Arrived on the island before the sunrise. We readied our gear. Using homemade shark rigs. Packing the 6/0 and the Avet 80w, and also some surf casting rods. We put the spinning gear out first. Bunker was all we had for bait. Fortunately we were able to land a small skate. Two shark rods, so we cut the skate in half and also put an entire bunker on the 20/0 hook. 

It was a cold morning. 5am I sat staring down the waves as I was about to run both baits out. The water chilled me, removing all previous thoughts of sleepiness. The surf was glass, but the current; strong. I enjoyed the morning sunrise as I yaked the bait out about 500 yards or so. Arrived back on shore and the waiting game began. 

Listening to music, swimming. Talking to curious beach goers. The time slipped by without any talk from either reels. Swimmers began showing up, we were losing time. We had to have the baits back in by 10am. Disappointment set in. Another work week would have to drag by before even getting to think about soaking baits. We called it sometime around 9:30am. Five more minutes we would give it before packing up. Then suddenly the sound of my screaming reel broke the silence. The feeling of just hearing that sound jolted my entire body. I jumped into action. The Penn Senator 6/0 was talking; loudly. The fight was strong lasting around 20 minutes. He was in, and he was big.

Passed my rod off to land the shark. Grabbing his tail I pulled him in he was easily 8ft. Leaving him slightly in the surf I as able to quickly dehook and release the massive beast. Hook set was perfect. My heart was pounding, and adrenaline was rushing. 8ft Sand Tiger shark. He was massive and beautiful. Beautiful day, catch and release. Then the 80w began screaming.

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