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San Diego Tuna Pole Fishing History

Author: Bullbuster Team

San Diego Anglers Club Meeting Presentation On Commercial Tuna Fishing History

Yellowfin Tuna San Diego

Colby our brand manager attended this month's San Diego Anglers Club meeting.  At the meeting Tony Souza a 4th generation San Diego tuna fisherman gave an amazing talk about the history of the tuna fishing fleet here in San Diego.   Below we will include a few high lights from Tony's presentation honoring his family tradition and the tradition of the anglers that are a  part of San Diego's rich tuna fishing history. 

The One Pole, Two Pole, & Three Pole Fish

Below Tony explains the difference between the one pole, the two pole, and the three pole fish. 

One Pole Fish:  15-20Lbs took one person and one pole to pull it out of the water.  

Two Pole Fish:  For tuna up to 60-70Lbs they would have two guys pul it out of the water. 

Three Pole Fish: For tuna above 70Lbs three fishermen would use pole connected to one jig. 

Tools For Success In The Pole Tuna Fishing Commercial Fishery 

Below Tony talks about the the leader fighting belt that helped anglers swing big tuna into the boat. 

Wooden Boats & Men Of Steel

Tony talks about just how tough life was a commercial tuna fishing pre WWII. Tuna fishing was a dangerous job and wasn't for the meek. 

The WWII Era For The San Diego Commercial Pole Tuna Fishery

Post Pearl Harbour the Tuna Fishery turned into "Yard Patrol Boats".  Tuna fishermen became part of the US Military almost overnight. Tuna boats were used to transport troops, water, fuel, and medical supplies.  21 tuna boats did not make it back. 

The San Diego Anglers Club is San Diego's premier family fishing club.  The club meets on the first Wednesday of every month.  Take a look at their website below to get information on future talks:


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