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Author: Fernando Aranda

My Life In San Diego...

Hi, My name is Fernando Aranda. Im 27 years old. I live in San Diego, California. I have 3 kids and a beautiful wife. My passion with fishing just started 1 year ago with NO experience what so ever. Long story short. My friend one day invited me to go fishing, we went to a few piers with no luck. A few days after we went to a few lakes, no luck. Then I thought to myself there has to be a way to catch fish.! I know it was not going to be an easy task. 

So I started doing research and watching YouTube videos. And it all clicked to me down the road. My first ever fish caught was a mackerel. First freshwater fish was a rainbow trout. And my addiction had just started jaja. I've caught a whole wide variety of fish now. Yellowfin tuna, Halibut, Spotted bay bass just to mention a few. And freshwater Largemouth bass and trout, catfish. Well because of my passion for fishing that help me get my job  at Fishermans landing as a Dockhand. We help unload and load all the passengers. We help unload all the rods and reels luggage. We put all of that into a cart, we consolidate it with other passengers gear and we push the cart up a ramp. We never let the passengers push their own cart we try to make the experience as smooth as possible. Depending whether the tide is high or low we would get a gas-powered machine that we call a "cart pusher". 

That helps the process especially when you have a lot of passengers with the really heavy gear in these carts. Now here comes the fun part, when we assist the deckhands unloading the big Tunas and big yellow tails, the deckhands load the fish on the carts and halfway up the ramp we help them and we take the carts to an area we call the slab. We unload the fish and the passengers take the fish and put them in their own numbers. Each fish has a tag with a number and we also put out some cones with numbers so the passengers know where to drop off the fish according to the numbers. Now jackpot time.! Basically the biggest and heaviest fish wins all the money. Even though I don't get to fish for 200 lb Plus for Yellowfin and bluefin I still have a awesome time pushing those fish in the cart of the ramp and then unloading them and watching the captain weigh them out. During the summer I get to see this on a regular basis and it's a great feeling knowing that I belong to a great industry and that has great people that share the same fishing passion as I do. Words aren't enough to describe to you what it is to be a dockhand but you would have to be there in person watching or maybe waiting to get on the boat. Come down to San Diego and experience it for yourself you won't regret it.

And I also work as a part time deckhand on the dolphin. Its a 1/2 day sport fishing vessel. I love the fact that on the boat alot of newbies jump on and kids that are barely learning about fishing. We have to teach the younger generation about fishing and taking care of our Waters. Numerous trips that I've been on I have had kids barely learning about fishing or somewhat know about fishing that we find schools of Bonita and yellowtail wide open, they try their own Baits, when there's don't work they come to me and they ask me what would I use. I give them tips and they come back to me later and tell me thank you so much for the help and they show me the there fish that they caught. Those kind of memories both for me and them will always stay in our heads and help us along the road to become better Anglers.  I love to help and answer any questions they have.  I get questions like what to use such as Line size, baits etc. 

I think because of my determination of doing research and studying to become a better angler is why I'm the angler I am today. I may not be a pro angler or tournament grade. But I love and enjoy fishing. Especially helping others to succeed in catching there Personal best or a fish for the first time. 

If you don't know anything about our ling range trips, Some boats we have are The Excel, Royal Polaris , Polaris Supreme, Royal Star, Shogun. These boat's trips often range more than 1,000 miles plus into Mexican waters, our biggest, fastest, most luxurious long-range sportfishers offer the ultimate in big-game sportfishing adventures. Through the winter and into spring, world-record class Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo are targets for our 16 - 23 day trips south to the Revillagigedo Islands and Clipperton. These are the very same fishing grounds that produced the record smashing 445 pound Yellowfin Tuna. During the fall and early summer, anglers fishing the 8 - 12 day trips encounter the widest variety of fish - Tuna, Wahoo, Yellowtail, Dorado, Grouper and the occasional Marlin, while fishing Alijos Rocks and along "The Ridge" from Pt. Eugenia south to Thetis Bank. The shorter 4 - 6 day trips are favorites for the springtime angler looking to corner big Yellowtail and "bull" Calico Bass at Guadalupe, San Benitos and Cedros Islands. If you guy's are ever in San Diego please make sure to message me and I promise you will have a great time. 

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