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San Antonio Winter Tactics

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Winter Fishing in Texas!

From catching non stop Red fish and catfish all summer and fall, winter was upon us and we had to figure out what we were going to do because once the Water temperature changes the fish will be dead and the bite for redfish will be a minimum.

As a Local angler who fishes just about every weekend weather it is hot Texas weather at 100 Degrees or freezing Texas weather of 55 degrees, we are still fishing but the game changes. We have to fish for different species and like Hybrid Striped Bass and a new species to us, Common Carp.

Hybrid Striped bass are stocked in Brauniq and Calaveras lakes by Texas Parks and Wildlife because these species do not reproduce in the local lakes but we are grateful we have them. Wonderful fighting fish and great eating.

Common carp are a new species to me as I have never fished for them ever, but I can say after a few weekends in the winter on researching we figure out how to make the baits and rigs for catching common carp.

These fish are just as wonderful as any other fish because they give you a fight and you cant really set drag and horse them in like any other fish, for the reason they have rubber like mouths and you will tear the mouth of these fish up and will loose them.

After figuring out the baits and rigs and chumming the water we would catch and release anywhere from 20-40 carp on a weekend.


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