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Sailfish Tournament Success

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Scaling Down To 40Lb Fluorocarbon Can Make The Difference For Sailfish Tournaments

Sailfishing West Palm Beach

Bullbuster fluorocarbon has been making the difference for our offshore sailfish bite this season.  We have recently scaled down to 40 lb Bullbuster fluoro  with great results.   We used to use 50-60Lb leaders and have found that we are getting way more bites from finicky sails when we scale down.  At first we were intimated to scale down to 40 but we probably won't be going back.  

Sailfish Nearing The Boat

This has been a great sailfish season so far.  The fishing has been best when the fronts move, but it  can also get rough at these times.  At Angler Management Fishing Charters we focus on the customer first so if you step on our boat we will give you the pros and cons of the day and at the end of the day we are here to help you accomplish your fishing goals. 

If you are ready for a hardcore fishing day come out with us offshore to have an adrenaline rush, if you are ready for less rocky day we still catch plenty of nice fish in the bay during the winter months. 

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