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Round 2 Secret Spot

Author: Team Reel Deal

The Early Bird Gets The Worm!

Feb 2 2017.  Another early morning rise for team reel deal fishing we woke up around 4 am got all our gear ready and filled the bait cooler and for some reason I wasn't really feeling good about the day like I usually am. Packed the car and headed out down to the beach when we arrived we packed the kayak up with all the gear and bait and made our 1000 yard plus walk to our spot.

Landbased Shark Fishing

 We decided to bring 2 80w a 30 and a 12/0. Got set up still not feeling good about the day. I noticed all the mackerel and Jacks busting up on the baits out there so I rigged up my reels baited them and off I went on the kayak to drop the baits. 

After dropping the baits I decided to try to catch fresh bait and got hooked up to a giant Spanish mackerel. As I was kayaking back to the beach my reels were already getting hit. So my buddy set the hook and landed a nurse shark.

"Boom we were hooked up to a Bullshark!"

We re-dropped the bait and it wasn't out there 15 min and it got slammed and landed a big blacktip. So I decided to drop a bigger bait in hopes of of a monster shark.

Bullsharks Caught From The Beach

Hours went by with nothing and the seas started getting really rough. Just when we thought the bite was over boom we were hooked up to a bull shark. As soon as we landed the bull and got the hook out another reel go's off and we instantly new it was another good size bull. Landed the shark and it measured 6.5 ft. Another amazing day for TEAM REEL DEAL.  

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