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River Bass

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Personal Best Largemouth Bass

Mission Espada Park (San Antonio River) was my destination of choice for some river/ creek fishing to see if anything was hungry. As I was waiting for fellow Bullbuster Ambassador Chris Meza to arrive I decided to pull out the bass lures and start tossing in the same direction. 

Wasn’t really sure if anything was really in this body of water because the water was at a fast pace and tons of tilapia were floating along the bank. So I just kept casting as far as I could in different pockets then I got stuck, or so I thought I did. Then line started coming off my bait caster and I tighten it and started getting hyped because it was 10lb mono and it felt like a beast and I knew right there and then that I had hooked my biggest large mouth bass.

As he was flying threw the air all I could think about is getting him in slowly and calling Chris to come with a camera for a awesome picture and as I got him to the bank her come Chris running because he saw me from a distance fight the fish.

So happened be a 18 inch large mouth bass and I was done fishing for the day, nah but we kept walking and casting down stream but didn’t manage to catch anything else, But all in all an awesome experience of fishing.

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