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Reef Fishing In The Keys!

Author: Jianni Hitchman

          Late Night Reef Fishing!

        Decided to go to the Keys with a friend to the reefs. We left around 6:30 Pm and got to the spot at 7PM. We started to search for some reefs near the coast and started to head out about 8-10 miles once we arrived at 40 Ft water we anchored and dropped the chum bag, once I had my 20Lb Fluoro on and hooked my live shrimp on less then 2 min a hit rom a jack, boom next 1 hour we had Porgy, Master, Mangrove, Lane, and Yellow tail Snapper.


 After leaving just dropped a piece of bally and next thing you know I'm hit hard! Was hooked on a 17In Jack. After all that Crazy hitting my leader was still in one piece and haven't even broken off! Been using Bullbuster Leader since I started fishing and don't seem like I'll ever stop using it!

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