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RedFish Monday

Author: Christopher Meza

San Antonio Lake Redfish

San Antonio Lake Redfish Report

Monday, a new start of the work week and if your like me then fishing during the week is not an option but this time I made it an option to fish in this blistering hot Texas heat. Got a text from a fellow ambassador that he was in high hopes of “slaying” the red fish on Monday but replied wait till I show up and will get a few. I still had to work that day and didn’t show till almost about 2pm at Braunig Lake. As I was getting ready to rig up my gear I noticed my line was beat up on 2 of my reels and the issue was a rod tip had a groove in the insert and it was eating up my line. My other reel had very little mono left but I did have one out of the four reels I use have excellent line. The good part of fishing on a Monday is no one is hardly fishing so I had a variety of open spots to fish and before I made my decision I remember to previous times fishing when the wind was hitting directly to our face that casting towards the buoy produce redfish on several occasions for other people. That was the plan cast as far as I can or get parallel to the buoy with shrimp/crawfish fish bites. Maybe about an hour or so sitting under a canopy did the action occur! Simultaneously as a kid walled over asking for help on his reel worked, Lalo ran like he never ran before to my rod, which was bending over from a hard pulling redfish. 

Didn’t hear the drag go off or see due to the canopy in the way but I ran over as soon as I seen him take off to get my rod and landed a 32in red fish!

Lalo also landed a 27in red fish on head on shrimp and the funny part is some older gentlemen threw away a whole bag of head on shrimp that was frozen and lalo scavenged for some prime time bait when nothing else worked.

Stomach contents of my 32in red fish showed they were feeding on tilapia. This red fish had 2 inside its stomach and still wanted more food!

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