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Recent Trip To Pensacola

Author: William Centrone

Pensacola Kayak Fishing Tournament

  1. So decided to make a trip up to Pensacola Florida for the King Of The Island Pensacola Kayak Fishing Tournament. I had never fished this fishery before so it was exciting to fish a new area where I could catch red snappers of the kayak.
  2.  So I headed north for the 9 hr drive with some friends and let me tell you I was not disappointed. Pre-fished one day with no action but basically just wanted to get familiar with the area. Headed back to the house we were staying and one of my buddies said let’s go get some bull reds. Of course I was down for that so we headed to this bridge and I was like bull reds under a bridge. I tell you what that was so much damn fun. 
  1. Tourney day I got up early hit the beach tournament started 6 am we headed out to catch bait which was very easy. Trolled live baits around for about an hour and landed a 10 lb king. Rigged up fresh baits and hit the same area and the 30-40 min later I was hit on a bait up top and 300 yds of my bullbuster 25 lb mono was gone in 10-12 seconds. I put a little more drag than I normally do and straightened out the kayak and let the fish pull me. By that time the fish came in pretty easy. And when I looked down and saw a giant silver fish. I knew it was big. Ended up landing a 40 lb king to seal the win and a trip to panama!!!!

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