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Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Fishing For Sharkbait!

Bait was needed for an upcoming trip. Big baits; shark bait. Not something you can get in stores. With an early start to the morning we made our way to a pier nearby Ocean City. I put three rods out. Using homemade fish finder rigs.

4oz pyramid sinker / on sinker slide

65lbs Bullbuster braid tied (improved clinch knot) to swivel 

60lbs Bullbuster Mono (Uni knot to swivel and hook) (2ft leader)

7/0 J Hook

Using cut bunker for bait. I managed to secure a spot at the end of the pier. I had to refresh my bait often as crabs were picking at it. While waiting for the bite teammate Elli kept the bucket full with bull minnows she caught in her cast net. She was live lining them in hopes of a flounder. Blue fish and crabs were tearing up the bait. Until finally she was hooked up. Landing a keeper flounder. Many anglers were out crabbing, using chicken necks. There was a storm in the distance we could hear the thunder and feel the wind but the sun remained beaming. The bay was extremely alive with bait fish breaking the surface everywhere. Many gars, rays, and jellyfish were passing by with the outgoing tide.


Around 2pm one of the rods took off. Hooked into a 50lbs cownose ray. Just what we came for. The ray was hard to land on the pier. Having to walk it down and jump over the railings to land him on rocks. It was certainly a team effort. Falling on slippery rocks and having to hoist the heavy ray up the rocks and over the railing. It was a battle. 

Cownose Ray

Not long after another rod took off, reel screaming. Elli slowly dragged the 50lbs ray in. Another battle to get the ray in and another difficult journey to land him. After that we landed another two rays. Teammate Britni was a big help in landing these beautiful cownose. Like I said it is definitely a team effort, and we all went home with a few scratches. Another fishing adventure well spent. We were able to educate some of the local anglers on the pier. Sharing our bait and spreading the word. Bullbuster gear is always key on any fishing trip. Undeniably sustaining mass amounts of pressure, without breaking while a 50lbs ray drags line through the rocks. 

Cownose Ray

Cow Nose Rays

Our goal was accomplished. Bait landed for our trip. A big task remained, cutting and bagging them. Our hopes high that the rays would produce some large sharks. 

Shark Bait

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