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Prime Time - Maryland Spring Bass Fishing

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Start To Spring 2019 Maryland Bass Season

          Maryland Spring Bass Fishing is Prime Time - Get Out There

Maryland Largemouth Bass

This past weekend here in Maryland sealed the deal that spring has arrived. The Forsythia and dogwoods are blooming which means the bass here in Maryland are almost ready to spawn. The days have been warm but the cooler nights have kept them in their transition points, just outside their spawning grounds. They're still gorging themselves on shad so larger jerk baits, swim baits, and glide baits are the key. The bass tend to school up on these transition points this time of year.  If you can locate them it can be a fun time catching multiple large bass off of one piece of structure. 

Maryland Largemouth Bass
Maryland Largemouth Bass

We got into them pretty good this past weekend on the above-mentioned lures. It was a warm day with a slight steady breeze, which is always good as it stirs up the water and the bait fish here in our local Reservoir. We were fishing secondary points and the bass were there. I was using a 7-inch Glide bait and I managed to find a pattern. They were schooled up right off the side of a windswept point. I would cast my lure out and let it sink for 25 to 30 seconds as I know my lure has a sink rate of 1 foot per 3 seconds and I would give the reel handle four slow turns and then two twitches and then repeat with the slow turns and these bass were playing for keeps. They were crushing my lure trying to destroy it. I managed several nice pickerel also I could tell a distinction between the two when the pickerel hit he would thrash his head from side to side violently. While the bass will try to dig in and head down. 

MD Largemouth Bass
Maryland Largemouth Bass

Overall it was a great day on the reservoir. Plenty of wildlife, hawks and eagles periodically swooping down catching shad. Many deer and even a large beaver which swam within feet of us and slapped his tail on the surface startling my partner. Right now is the perfect time to get out there and spend more time fishing. Don’t let this prime time slip you by. 

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