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Port Aransas North Jetty

Author: Christopher Meza

Little late on the article for one of our past trips to Port A North jetties but regardless I wanted to write something up. It’s been about a month or so since the trip but I still remember like it was yesterday. Water clarity that day was extremely clear and I could see to the bottom. It’s the clearest I seen the water down here and not to mention all the bait schooling up on the surface. As we walked down to the end of the Jetties, we ran into a couple of fellow fisherman who did an overnighter on the jetties and caught redfish and jacks from what we were told but noticed something particular about one of them. As we talked, in my head I was saying this guy looks like that one guy who raps about fishing. We finished talking and told my buddy Lalo that he looks like the “free style fisherman” Adam J Smith and as I was saying that he went backed and asked who he was. Our assumption was right! 

You would think when someone is getting a lot of social media attention they would be full of themselves but if you meet the guy you would see he wasn’t.

We finally dragged all our gear and live bait down to the end of the jetties and started to fish. We fished for several with nothing to show till we hit back-to-back stingrays and one decent size bonnet head. 

After that it was really slow and not much happening other than tons of bait and a couple of blows up on some baits we had swimming on the surface but no hook ups. When the tide changed we switched sides and started casting to the channel side. Albert had multiple runs that resulted in lost fish due to the rocks. Fishing was on fire for about an hour or so but the fish won most the battles because they headed straight into the rocks.  We landed a couple red fish over the slot limit on mullet. 

Had we landed everything that we should have caught, we would have had an easy three-man limit. If you read my article down to the end then click the link below and watch the video!

Oh i forgot to mention Albert came back with a nice stringer of Speckled trout while we slept the next morning.


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