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Port Aransas Jetties: Lures / Report

Author: Christopher Meza

It’s been a couple weeks since we actually fished because one of the crew got COVID and has now recovered after being isolated for about 24 days. The most recent trip out to port a jetty we ended up hooking up to redfish and the trip before that we landed a king and some Spanish mackerel. Missed a king and a few Mack’s and didn’t land my first jetty king but I have caught king fish off deep sea charters. 

Both trips were successful for us at least and we also learned a few things while fishing for redfish and Kings off the jetty. While trying to land a king off the jetty we didn’t have much success that day with spoons but figured out by using a lemon rig with live mullet was more successful. 

Landed one king missed my own chance at one and caught some Mack’s and lost plenty that just didn’t hook up. For Lalo he ended up with his first jetty king off live mullet! Great experience to see 47in king go airborne and attack that mullet without any hesitation. 

On our redfish trip we ended up hooking both our redfish at the same time and we used two different lures. I myself used a 3oz spoon and bounced off the bottom and while Lalo used a halco 130 batfish. We didn’t measure as we wanted to get the redfish back in the water but easily at the 40in mark. 

After fishing some weeks on the jetties and landing a couple of decent fish we noticed and picked up several lures that will definitely be part of our tackle for jetty fishing. Gear I sued consisted of a 9ft breakaway light drum stick with 30lb bullbuster bread and a shimano baitrunner 8000. I will be using 40lb braid and picking something up a lot lighter than a bait runner.

King fish: what I picked up for future use. We went and picked up some Xrap long cast shallow. We did see poppers produce so I added a halco popper 130. 

X-RAP SXRL-14 Swim Depth 4-5

Halco RP135 Roosta Popper Lure

Red fish: I ended up picking up bulk 3oz casting spoons off amazon for 40$ and the halco 130 batfish model will work for both redfish and Kings. 
3oz Gator Spoon - Amazon 12pcs 

Halco Max 130 - H57: Baitfish

When using either of the lures I mentioned you can target jack crevalle, king mackerel and redfish. I have seen all three species caught with the lures I mentioned above. Posted a video of both our trips and hope you can watch and subscribe!

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