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Pond Hopping For Bass

Author: Iconic Fishing

The Warm Weather Brings Out the Bass

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Hook Choice

Hook For Bass

For Bass fishing, we really like the Gamakatsu Offset Shank Worm Hooks in size 3/0. Another good choice are the VMC Weighted 3/0 Swimbait hooks (these already have a weight integrated to them, eliminating the use of a bullet weight). Either of these hooks preform great when paired up with Zoom Super Flukes or Gary Yamamoto Senkos. These hooks are the perfect size for these baits, and also provide strong and sharp points. The soft plastics ranged from light gray/green to a almost black and purple coloring. We've noticed recenlty that the darker colors have been producing more fish, especially when fished in deeper water.


We like to find ponds with a decent amount of grass around the perimeter, as well as with decent water depth. Right now in Florida, we have had a VERY dry winter and most of the ponds currently are only a few feet deep at their deepest point. The rain that usually comes within the next few months should help with this issue.


With it being so hot here in Florida, we've noticed the Bass seem to like the deeper parts of the ponds. Letting your baits sink to or near the bottom definitely increases your chances to get a bite. Also, fishing heavier weights (1/8oz and 1/4oz) let your bait sink faster and seem to work better.

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