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Plethora Continued

Author: Adrenaline Rush Charters

DAY 2, on the hunt for Mutton, left with a Wrasse.

second day. Another double day. First trip was some cool new customers from jersey. Austin and his two younger brothers and father. Wanted to catch some snapper and they attack a goliath grouper. So we started on the snapper grounds. Once again started off slow. Getting alot of bites but no eaters. Couple smaller but keeper yellow tails and some runners all we were getting. So i decided to switch it up. Had a king left over from the day before that the customer didnt think they could eat. So i stripped it out for bait. Then the fish started biting. Got some nice porgys up to 5 lbs some nicer yellow tails. Even the kings were eating kings. Got bit off a few times since we were using circle hooks. Didnt get any muttons that were keepers unfortunately but alot of good action 

Pudding Wife

Nice wrasse. These thing are freaking delicious 

After the bottom fishing we decided it was time to try for a goliath. Ran to some shallow wrecks. Got austin harnessed up dropped a whole bonito to the bottom.  It did not take long and we got the bite we were looking for. Rod doubled over. Austin didnt know what he was getting in to. Had him on for a bit and coming up then he made a run back down and then he got him stopped and coming back up but at some point he got us in the wreck and chaffed the line and when we had the grouper coming up we ended up parting him off unfortunately. Tried to get another bite but that was the only one that wanted to eat. But austin will be back for more. 

Hooked Up

Second trip was with a good customer of mine dave and sam. Just wanted to do a lil snapper fishing. Which we did. Got some nice muttons and quite a few nice porgys up to 5 lbs. then dave hooks a nice snapper. Acting like a big mutton. Digging then all of a sudden it got alot bigger. But dave stuck it out and fought the suit for about 30 minutes and got the shark up to the boat. It was about a 7 foot sand bar shark. Got it on 30 lb bullbuster mono mainline and 40 bullbuster mono leader


Happy campers. Decent couple days of fishing with beautiful weather and awesome bullbuster fishing lines 

Until next time 


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