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Pincus Charter

Author: Ryan Carson

New Jersey Inshore June Fishing Charter

Talk about a trip that they will never forget. We launched at 7:30 am heading out on a 4 hour Back Bay trip to look for fluke. With light tackle consisting of Medium Light Ultra-fast Penn Pursuit II combos spooled with 20lb Bullbuster braid and 20lb Bullbuster Mono leader we started jigging ¾ oz. SPRO bucktails. We started out with everyone using something different on the bucktails to see what was going to draw the bite. We used gulp, spearing, mullet and mackerel. It didn’t take long into our first drift for one of my clients to say they had one on. 

The pole bent to the water I was sure it was snagged until the line screamed off the reel for about 3-4 seconds and snap gone. Shortly after we had a shark fin popped up in the same area that the line was being pulled to. Safe to assume the shark bit the line. We reset the drift and started to drift again and the same client once again hooked up this time line screaming out for a good 15 seconds. Pole is bent to the water and the fight is on. 20 minutes in we finally got a view of what was on the other end of the line. Too much of my surprise it was a cownose ray. Weighing in the range 40-50 lbs it truly put up a great fight on light gear and 20lbs Bullbuster braid. 

Once we safely released the ray and she dropped her line back in the water her brother hooked into an even bigger cownose ray coming in around 60-70 lbs which took about 45 minutes to get in on the exact same setup. He couldn’t believe how well the rod and line held up to a fish that could of easily snapped the rod or line at any second if he wasn’t on his game.  We finished our day with a third smaller ray weighing about 35-40 lbs. All in all they were very happy ‘customers who got to fight 35-70 lbs fish on light tackle when they were only expecting to catch 2-3 lbs fluke.  

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