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Personal Best Redfish

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

March 17, 2018

Personal best Saltwater Redfish

Weekend with the boys spent down in Port Aransas Texas started parking on the beach at the South Jetties and loading up all the tackle and rods to what feels like a 5 mile walk to the end of the jetties.

The word from all the locals we spoke with this morning was that the bull reds and sharks were all over the jetties. As we head towards the walk of a life time to en d of the jetties we finally make it and set up rods and baits with 150lb mono with 250lb wire and 10/0 mutu’s hooks with mullet and shrimp we have scavenged from out bait bucks.

With no luck at fishing the tip of the jetties we make out way half way back toward the truck to try multiple spots to try and hook on a beast of the deep but didn’t manage anything until we made it back to the truck. And I opened the tailgate, which is now parked up against the rocks at the jetties where we are resting from all the walking and sun beating us. I decide to throw one rod out with the biggest LIVE SHRIMP I could get my hands on. As we are cooking out and eating lunch with tons of hard heads and Gafftops being pulled out all around us, the drag screams and stops, so I hopped on top of the rocks with my rod in my hand and slowly tighten the line and instantly feel a tug so I set the hook and tighten the drag slowly and I can feel the beast on the other end of the line pulling. A couple of minutes into the fight and I feel that my main line with the fish gets caught up on the rocks. Thinking fast I start to walk the jetties side to side, letting line out, trying to free my beast from being cut off on the sharp rocks under the water. 

Finally I feel the line free itself and I LOCK drag because I don’t want to loose my beast and drop the reel into low gear and start to crank the monster in and with the help of fellow angler and friends the beast is on the ROCKS and I am extremely excited about the monster I kept chasing and I finally got him. Measuring in at 46inches with that being my persona best Bull Red of the rocks in Port Aransas Texas.


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