Bullbuster In Action:

Personal Best

Author: Jeff Reyes


It isn't everyday that you see green water along the uppercoast of Texas. The water flattened out for the week and green water pushed all the way to shore, i was determined to deploy big baits in hopes of landing a decent shark. I yaked a couple small baits during the daytime to see If there were any fish up close. Not long before I started seeing shrimp boats 200 yards off the beach. The sharks just weren't biting and the bite was slow, so I decided to set up a bait rod to throw out with fish bites. Not long before the fish bites started to work wonders, I caught about a dozen whiting and a couple small sharks on cut mullet.

The bait s in dropped short had not got hit yet so I decided to wait for night time to fish. As sunlight was going out I ran 4 baits all in ranges from 250-700 yards. I dropped the cownose midsection at about 350yds. As night time came we managed to land a small 5 foot blacktip which left us with 3 rods out. I had high hopes in the bait that i dropped short. I thought to myself "it's gonna get hit" and sure enough at around 2am the reel started screaming. 

After setting hook and a 10 minute fight my buddy goes out to put a tail rope on my new personal best fish. A solid bull that was released after snapping a couple pics and being dehooked.