Bullbuster In Action:

Peacock Bass Trip Turns Into A Trip To Urgent Care

Author: Thomas Klosowski

The last thing you want is to put down all your fishing gear and head to a doctor.   

Well on this particular day with one of my buddies we headed out down south a little past Cutler Bay with two light out fits strapped with 15lb bullbuster mono.  The fishing started very slow as we paddled around in our two person kayak. I was using live shiners along drop offs and my buddy was throwing a small rapala trying to find peacocks nesting.  The peacock is a fish who is very aggressive, throwing practically any lure over their bed will make their predatory instinct kick in and they will smash it.  With not a nest in sight we both turned to live bait.  We caught a few here and there until we found a honey hole right by a big dock.  

Peacock on Bullbuster mono
Peacock on Live Bait

Every shiner we put down produced a quality peacock.

As the day lagged on and our arms started to get tired we planned to head in soon.  Once the last live bait was gobbled and reel in by our smooth bullbuster mono we started our way back to the truck.  About 20 yards away from shore my buddy threw one hell of a cast that landed on a angry momma who grabbed his rapala.  On the way to grab the lip she shook the hook causing it to inject right into my buddies finger.  With it way to far for hope to yank out we paddled faster packed everything up and headed to the closer urgent care.  Don't be greedy guys... That last cast isn't worth a 800$ bill!

Peacock Bass on Bullbuster Mono
Peacock on a Rapala

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