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Peacock Bass Captain's Tournament Win

Author: ScottRoseFishing

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Peacock Bass Tournament

Whats up everyone,

I just wrapped up a fun tournament today down here in Miami with 6 other local Miami peacock/largemouth bass captains hosted by Capt. Shane Procell.  On the first boat was myself, Captain James Costabile and Captain Mikey Moser.  On boat #2 was Captain Shane Procell and Monster Mike.  Finally on boat #3 was Captain Thadeus Ragan and Darcizzle Offshore.  Biggest 5 fish at the end of the day, per boat, would win the tournament.

With a cold front coming in this morning, I knew the fish were going to be out of sight and pushed down deep in warmer water.  Sure enough, we worked the bottom of the middle of the canal and had tremendous success getting blind cast hookups nonstop.  My boat managed a 6+ pound pea as well as two fish at 5.75.  When It was all said and done, we won the tournament with a 27 pound, 11 oz bag.

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The key to today was switching up the pattern.  Everyone knows that peacock bass fishing in Miami is all about sight fishing, and that is how I do it 90% of the time.  Despite that, we only saw three or four fish all day pushed up on the banks.  Recognizing the temperature and getting our baits down deep with splitshots proved key in outperforming our other fellow guides today, who put up very nice bags of 24 and 15 pounds.  When it was all said and done, the three of us caught close to 35 fish because of the ability to adjust to our conditions and work with what was given to us.  

All of the damage was done on 20lb bullbuster braid and we never lost a single fish we hooked, which proved key in pulling off the victory today.  2 feet of 30 lb bullbuster mono connected by a uni to uni knot sealed the deal in getting some very big peacocks out of thick structure.  All in all, an epic day out on the water and one I won't soon forget!

Tight lines,

Scott Rose 

Peacock Bass Fishing Tournament

^27Lb 11 Oz bag for our biggest 5 peas to seal the deal.

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