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Part 2: Bull Reds Under The Lights

Author: David Wood

Kayak Fishing For Redfish At Night    

Redfishing At NIght

    Another way to fish for bull reds at night is top water. Now I have a love hate relationship with top water. It can be mined numbing and downright boring at times but at night under lights top water is where the fun is. There’s nothing better than seeing a 40 plus inch bull red blow up on your top water lure. Massive wake and huge splash then line ripping off your reel like a bat out of hell. Set the hook and bam! You’re on! 

To get to that point let’s talk about a good solid setup. For top water I like to use an Unfair Dog Walker Lure.  For leader material I like to us30-pound bullbuster mono line tied to 40 pound bullbuster braid using a uni to uni knot. Another good lure to use is a sub-surface unfair mullet lure. Both of these lures are awesome for casting into the lights for massive bull reds. Work the top just like you would on the flats. Twitch twitch pause then wait and repeat. Wait for the blow up then count to 3 and set the hook. That’s when the fun starts! Make sure you have a solid rod like a bull bay sniper or reel animal rod. Both these rods have some serious back bones and amazing action. 

Night Time Redfish From A Kayak

The last way I use to catch bull reds at night is using soft plastics on a nice jig head. So far, the best results have been produced by the 3” gulp shrimps and 8” Hogy swim baits.  The trick is to sit in the shadows and cast into/under the lights. Let it sink and then start working the water column. 


Nightime Redfish

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