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Part 1: Fishing For Bull Reds At Night In A Kayak

Author: David Wood

Kayak Fishing For Redfish At Night

If you want to push your limits as a kayak fisherman or woman try fishing for bull reds under a bridge at night time. It takes a lot of prep time and gear to make it work but its totally worth all the work. 

The key to being successful is being prepared because nobody wants to be tying knots at night in a kayak. The lineup for this type of fishing is mostly bottom  fishing but you want to have several extra setups just in case the bull reds are playing or the bait isn’t around. For bottom fishing, I like to use 80# bullbuster mono with a bullbuster swivel at the top and a 7/0 owner circle hook at the bottom. For weight you don’t need too much because your fishing with live bait in 30ft of water. So, I like to use ½ to 1oz egg weight. Set the leader up in a knocker style setup (egg weight sliding on the main leader).

For bait I like to use live pin fish or white trout. Hooking them in either their head or right behind the dorsal fin. Drop it down and play the water column. Check your fish finder and see where the reds are then adjust your line accordingly. You will know when you get a red on because your rod will bend over backwards and your rod will start screaming. Give it a few second to allow the red to swallow the bait entirely then pull your rod up slightly to set the circle hook securely in the corner of the reds mouth. This makes it super easy to dehook and release safely. 

See part two for more detail on how to catch bull reds on top water at night under the lights.

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