Bullbuster In Action:

Panhandle Trip

Author: Jeff Reyes

Shark Fishing In The Florida Panhandle

     After a day or two of planning with a group of friends we decided to head east. A four day panhandle trip to try and knock a tiger off of the bucket list. We freshly spooled the reels with some 200 lb bull buster hollow core and loaded up.    

    After a 12 hour drive we arrived to the spot and wasted little to no time putting baits out.  We were ready to slay fish but the fish were just not cooperating that day. No bait in the surf and no runs on the reels.  We re-baited before night and hoped for a night time bite. WRONG. The sharks just weren’t hungry.

     The second day wasn’t much different we changed baits in the morning and suffered the excruciating heat. We changed baits for the night time as usual, I decided to use a rotten piece of stingray wing, not the freshest bait but something told me to use it. After soaking for a couple hours my reel starts to roll, I let it eat while i harness up. Once I'm settled in I bump up the drag and start to reel in tight to set the hook. It went from a good run to dead weight, I knew exactly what I had on but it wasn’t very big. After a short fight we tail roped a tiger in the 8 foot range. Not the biggest but one off the bucket list.

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