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In Maryland's preparation for rains from hurricane Florence, local reservoirs and dams lowered the water. The bite was on, from the top of the dam to the bottom. It was a forty fish kind of day. Back to back hook ups, almost a non stop bite. Landing many species. Crappie, bluegill, yellow perch, bass, and pickerel. All fish were caught on artificials. We had a productive early morning, and evening bite.


Lures to Use For Panfish:

1/16 Jig head - curly tail grub 

Storm wild eye minnow - curly tail / paddle 

Rooster tail

Shad dart tip with live minnow

Beatle Spin

With fall approaching and winter right around the corner, these next few weeks are prime time to get out there and fish. It's the perfect time to fill your freezers with tasty fillets. Quick tip - When storing fish it is important to freeze in appropriate amounts. Freezing enough proportions for you and your family per bag. This will eliminate waste when thawing later. 

Make sure you are aware of all size restrictions, limits, etc.. of any species you are targeting. 

Fishing For Crappie
Fishing For Crappie
Teammate Elli caught her first yellow perch after many years fishing at the reservoir. We caught many bluegill and crappie. Teammate Britni caught multiple chain pickerel. Targeting the fish on structures, trees, rocks, etc. All fish were caught on a swift retrieve, slowing at times, and few twitches. The day was extremely productive. The fish were fun to catch on light tackle.  
Using ultra light set ups with Bullbuster mono or fluorocarbon line. If tying to braid I would recommend tying a albright knot, in place of a swivel as it can sometime attract fish. The low water exposed many structures. We found plenty lures on now displayed snags. Some old and some new. Nothing new split rings, hooks, and a paint job won't fix. Perfect project for the approaching winter, fixing up old lures. 
Largemouth Bass
We left with the sinking sun shining pink and the fish still biting. The time to get out there and fish is now.  Fishing is a passion many anglers share. Be sure to enjoy every experience. The big are to be appreciated and so are the small.

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