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Our Fishing Facilitator's Birthday W/ Ambassador Double Threat Charters

Author: Bullbuster Team

Best Birthday Gift A Fisherman Can Ask For

A few months ago the Bullbuster  Fishing Lines Team joined Double Threat Charters for a kite fishing charter off of Miami to celebrate our production manager Eddies birthday.  We met at the dock at  6 am and headed out to slay some fish. It was pretty choppy a forecast of 3-5, but that only meant that the bite was going to be on!

Ready To Celebrate Eddie's Birthday Bullbuster Style.

We made it to the Edge by about 8 am and Captain Nick set us up on some good color change.  Brent ripped out all 6 kites lines in less then 5 minutes (the guy is the definition of a pro).  Within minutes a nice cow mahi was in the air and we got the Eddie hooked up.  

Dolphin Fishing Charter Miami
Captain Brent & Amanda Help Eddie Celebrate His Bday Mahi

Eddie lands his big cow, and then its mayhem as all 6 kite lines get lit up by a crew of big cows.  Everyone is on, and the decks are getting bloody as big cows get swung over the railing and only some of them make it to the fish box.  The mahi are wild and a good time is being had. Another pod makes its way through and the mayhem continues.  

Mahi Charter Miami
Erin With A Big Smile After Landing A 20LB + Cow

Around 9:30 with a small lull in the bite the girls start to get a bit queasy with the waves pounding around us.  (Its more like 5-6 out there at this point).  Captain Nick is very observant and sets up a back up plan.  We plane into the bay and set the kites up. 

Shark Fishing Charter Miami
This Blacktip Slammed A Bait On The Right Long.

Birthday Fishing Charter
Bullbuster Fishing Facilitator Eddie Casta Gets Some Bday Cake After Slaying Some Mahi

Within no time a nice tipper comes into the spread, we see him slam the bait at the surface, and he's on!  We leader him, snap a few quick shots and thats a wrap, not a bad half day fishing charter for Miami.  

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