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Ocean City Inlet - Bluefish Bite

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Surf Fishing In Maryland

Ocean City Maryland Jetty Fishing
Elise with a nice OCMD Jetty Bluefish

We received intel there were some good fish in the surf here in Maryland. Many blue fish, striped bass, tautog, black drum, and flounder. We made a last minute decision to head out Friday night, grab a quick campsite at a local Ocean City campground, and hit the inlet in the morning. We awoke before sunrise and quickly grabbed coffee, hot teas with honey, and we were off to the inlet. Upon arrival we saw it was an outgoing tide with the wind against the tide which made it choppy. Which was a good sign. We tied on some bucktails, gotcha plugs, and began fishing. With a strong current it is important to match the right weight and to cast up current and keep contact with the lure while picking up slack in the line. We would stand casting up current over and over waiting for schools of hungry Bluefish to pass through.

OCMD Jetty Fishing
Me with a nice OCMD Jetty Caught bluefish

The plan was to keep some of the Bluefish for shark bait for this upcoming weekend's shark trip to Delaware. Which would be the first of the season. Teammate Elli was letting her gotcha plug sink down near the bottom and ripping it up quickly and it didn't take long until she was hooked up on her first blue fish. It made a few screaming runs then she got him in and flipped him over the seawall with her 30 lb bullbuster braid. After that it was one after another. Then she hooked into something huge it, spooling her Stradic 4000 reel down to the mono backing and broke her off. She thought she had hooked into the striper of a life time. I quickly casted into the same spot while she was re-rigging and seconds later I snagged a big cownose ray on my 2 oz Bucktail.

OCMD Jetty Fishing
Shark bait!

We then realized it was a school of cow noses coming through. I ended up getting it in, and luckily a fellow angler down the seawall from us had a drop net which the ray barely fit in. The tide at the inlet had turned around and started coming in, but the current is so strong that it took a couple more hours to turn around.

 OCMD Jetty Fishing

We were fishing an incoming tide with an outgoing current. It was very productive. Teammate Elli landed a striper and had a few toggs follow her jig in. Then another wave of blue fish came through and the action was back on both of us managed to land at least five nice blue fish and both of us had lost a few good ones, jumping and spitting the plugs. Overall it was a very productive day at the inlet. The Bullbuster braid performed very well and the Bullbuster flourocaron is perfect for this Inlet because of all the rocks and the abrasion resistance that the line offers. Be sure to spool up with Bullbuster, grab your favorite fishing lure and get out there and spend more time fishing. 

OCMD Jetty Fishing

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