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November Dusky

Author: Jeff Reyes

November Beach Shark Fishing   

 Late November we decided to hit the panhandle in hopes of landing a few duskys.  A small group of friends from Texas looking to hit a double digit sized shark. We knew it was going to be cold, weather was calling for it to be in the 30s with highs of 50s.

     We left around night time to arrive in the panhandle around morning time. The first day was a little chilly but the water looked really good and I knew the bite was going to be good. Dropped 5 baits all from 300 to 500 yards. 

The baits instantly started getting hit by small sharks assuming they were sandbars, definitely sharks we don’t want to catch. Throughout the day it just kept getting colder and colder, we knew nighttime was going to be cold!

    We landed a few sandbars and decided to use bigger baits. I kayaked two bigger jack heads during the night time and went back into my sleeping bag. Around one in the morning the jack head gets picked up and I let it eat before setting hook. Once I set hook the rod doubled over and line began to go slack as if the fish was swimming in. At first, I was angry due to the fact that I had thought I hooked another sandbar. It started to rain so I walked to the canopy with the rod and fought the shark from there. Once I felt the shark hit the sand I went down to check out what it was.  I was in for a little surprise, a small dusky in the 8 foot range. It gave me hope but I was still mad at the fact that it wasn’t massive. “At least it isn’t a sandbar”

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