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Night Time Snook On The Beach

Author: Chase Smith

Florida Beach Snook Fishing

Snook Fishing From The Beach

Last night my friend and i went to the beach searching for big snook that we heard were all over the beach right now. It seems that the bait of choice for the big snook lately has been small baits replicating finger mullet. The water has been quite dirty, so I figured I'd go with a darker color bait that has a lot of fluttering action in the tail such as the redfish magic paddle tail. 

We arrived to the fishing spot a bit late this trip and unfortunately arrived at slack tide, which means we had a while before the bite was gonna turn on. We casted for two hours before i finally got tight on a solid 32 inch fish. The 30 lb Bullbuster fluorocarbon held up like a champ as usual and I didn't even have to change leader after she got wrapped up on some rocks. 

About another hour went by before my buddy hooked up on a 30 incher that unfortunately let him reel it in like it was a 20 inch fish and Put up no fight whatsoever. Like clockwork, right when we were about to leave i decided to take a couple more casts in a differently area. Right when the bait got five feet away from me it got crushed by a chunky 35" snook. She peeled drag and took me straight under the bridge pilings which forced me to jump in the water and walk around the piling to land her. After I safely released the snook we packed up and headed home for the night. 

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