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Night Time Bullsharks

Author: Team Reel Deal

Landbased Shark Fishing Report

Big bullshark caught from the beach

Memorial day weekend.. Team reel deal went out on a two day sharking steak out... We all got set up at the spot around 7pm. Set up are tent and chairs and got ready for the long night of hopefully something gaint taking a bait.. around 12 or so am the 130 goes off an I hook up an instantly knew it was not a good fish. 

"Wasn't even able to get my thoughts together... and the 130 goes off again!"

Passed the rod to Corey an when the fish was reeled in it was a blacktip shark tail rapped into my leader in the 130 released the fish an. Waited for the other reels to go off hopefully. An not even 20 minutes later the avet 80 goes off hook up and it was a nurse shark. That got off in the surf. So I go out an drop my two rods. 

Got back in wasn't even able to get my thoughts together. And the 130 goes off again! It was a better run this time I hook up and knew it was a better fish told Corey to put on the harness an gave him the rods to fight. We landed around mid 7 bullshark. Quick photo an release and then the 80 goes off hooked up passed it to Jimmy and reeled in another bull shark about the same size as the one we just released. This went on two more tines. As we caught 4 bullsharks 1 blacktip and 2 nurse sharks.. line used was bull buster 130lb braid and 150lb bullbuster mono. Written by no_namesharker

Nice Bullshark caught Landbased Shark Fishing

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