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Night 2 River Sharkin

Author: Team Reel Deal

Catching Sharks In Rivers

"When The Beach Is Too Rough For Shark Fishing Switch it Up"

Feb 19th 2017 the ocean became to rough to kayak baits out that day it was just before dusk and we decided to head to the river to kayak baits out. So we went to the jetty to catch fresh bait and caught a few blue fish and some snook anglers gave us some Jacks. So we left the inlet and headed to a spot of the back of the island. Found a spot and set up our spread. 

"The Rod was bowed up good, this was a big shark!"

Corey was the first to kayak out a bait fresh blue with his tail cut off. He did a far drop about 600 yards way out in the middle of the channel. I radioed to him drop the bait you are at half spool. He radioed back that he was dropping the bait the second those words came back through the radio slam a blistering run and he was hooked up instantly. 

Jacob grabbed the rod and set the hook and set it to strike on this beast. We new there was crab traps out there and tried to turn him around. The rod was bowed up good this was a big shark. But it was too late, he made a run to the right and we felt the line run a crab trap and pop! The shark was gone! 

"I did a closer drop to stay clear of the crab traps"

The only explanation for the shark hitting the bait the second he dropped it was the shark was stalking his kayak following the blood trail from the darkness below. If Corey would have had a head lamp on I'm sure he would have witnessed the shark grabbing the bait as it was floating down because the water was so clear. Then it was my turn to kayak a bait out. I did a closer drop to stay clear of the crab traps.

Once I got back in, I heard my reel click a few times but the finicky sharks kept dropping the bait and missing the hook. So I reeled back in and added a stinger hook. Whet back out another 400 yards and dropped it again. Some time went by and my buddy caught a little fine tooth that he kept for bait. My reel then started screaming and I set the hook. I was on it was a decent little fight. Got the shark in and dehooked it and tagged and measured and released this 6 ft blacktop.

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